PHOTO// Fancying a Hong Kong vibe

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I travelled to Hong Kong last week with two of the greatest travelling mates I know and we had a blast there. It was a really impromptu and short trip, (just four days), but nonetheless, I had so much fun goofing around with them.

It was like a city that never slept. The lights at night in the city was beautiful and I couldn't stop snapping photos. The streets were really cluttered and I loved every bit of those seemingly lost-in-time look of some buildings. Thank goodness for the presence of one of my best buddies who went along, Crystal, who is quite the local in navigating the streets of Hong Kong, and her talent to speak Cantonese fluently, we dined, shopped and had no qualms about not bringing a map along anywhere. A BIG THANKS GOES OUT TO HER.

Well, now with all the fun and excitement of journeys and trips out of the way, it's time I buckle down to attack the work that has been waiting to be completed.

I'm currently working on two freelance projects and it's quite fun to be back in the art scene. Although it's been a while, and it took me a while to get the old art-engine fired up, I'm raring and ready to go! Hopefully more and more freelance opportunities come my way after these two are over! Even so, I am still working on some art pieces that I shall put up when I'm done with them. 

Cheers to the world from the little red dot I call home. C: