INSPIRATION// Introducing, Sherrianastasia

Well hello there! While you are passing by here, why don't you stop to take a break and take a couple of minutes to check out the really cool Vlogs done by my amazing mate, Sherrilynn!

It'll expand your creative inner-self by like, 20%. Trust me. :D She recently visited Osaka, representing her team's animation project, "Home is Great". You can watch both her team's animation & her Vlogs below! It's really amazing. Go give her a shoutout on her youtube account.

I'm as proud as turtles can be of her accomplishments. I expect great things from her in the near future! Aaaand, at the same time, I'm working with both her and another great mate of mine, Charlotte on covers. (I mean music covers of course!) We're almost done with our first one, and I shall update it here with links when I have uploaded it!