PHOTO// St Jerome's Laneway Festival 2013

Attended the annual St Jerome's Laneway Festival on Saturday with my favourite musical amigos. It was all the more exciting and fantastic with the two of them. Introducing, my handsome man, Ryan and my stunning diva, Charlotte. We brought a nice picnic mat and sunnies and plonked ourselves on the hill and had a good time chilling out to good music. The sun was pretty unforgiving and I am as fried as fried chicken can be. My sunburns still burn like fire. Well, that's the punishment for forgetting to slop on good ol' sunscreen.

We initially went for the festival because of Of Monsters and Men, Kimbra, Bat for Lashes and Gotye live, but after sitting through the performances, we had found new love for Kings of Convenience, Real Estate, Yeasayer and The Lumineers. The Lumineers didn't perform, but the organisers were playing Stubborn Love from their album while they set up the next stage, so the songs were stuck in my head. Musical festivals are really cool. I saw so many different kinds of fans, differently decked out in band tees, hipster styles, whatever was comfortable for them and all. But everybody with their varying personalities merged together as one when their favourite bands appeared on stage. Music brings people together.

Almost done editing my photos from the Kimbra and Bat for Lashes set. I slightly regret not going nearer to the stage when Of Monsters and Men were playing. But ohwell, all in all, it was a fantastic day!