ART// Doodles Downtown

After discovering the really amazing Nana's Green Tea (it's a cafe!) from Sherrilynn, a good mate of mine, I've been popping over there whenever I'm free. Absolutely loving their Green Tea desserts and drinks. And because the place is so relaxing and comfortable, I bring out my sketchbook to draw there.

Here's some shots from my phone! I've been hanging out there and also visited Dr. Cafe Coffee for a doodle day once. (:
I'll scan and update more sketches/doodles when I have the time.

To doodles and beyond!

P.S Did you see my new sketchbook from deviantart? :D I ordered it a while back when it was on some big sale and it was recently delivered to me. It's mighty fine as a doodle book. It's from the Leuchtturm 1917 series of notebooks. I personally find Moleskin's paper to be better if you would like to paint watercolors/Indian Ink often but although the Leuchtturm 1917's paper is slightly thinner than Moleskin's paper, it feels more worthwhile and it held up my inks, markers, pens, copics and other miscellaneous drawing materials surprisingly well. Pitting the both together, I prefer the Leuchtturm. But this will probably a one-time purchase and splurge on a sketchbook. Though the paper is fantastic, I prefer my cheaper and equally awesome Daler Rowney Ivory Sketchbook. 
Haha! I'm on an art student budget after all. :D