PHOTO// The Script #3 Concert

I went for The Script's #3 Concert last night at the Singapore Indoor Stadium with a good mate, YanJun aka Yanzy. It was absolutely fantastic. Concerts never fail to make me happy. Whether it's a musical or a band concert, music festivals or plays, they never fail to stop me in my tracks and enjoy it fully. Well, it's 2am and I'm still too hyped up about it that I can't seem to fall asleep. With that, I'm sure you can slightly begin to understand how awesome it was! Although our seats were fairly near to the front, the standing area was pretty big, therefore we were pushed a bit back. ): The photos also turned out to be more landscape/wide angled than close-ups. Oh well! I still had fun!

Here's some photos from my phone while the ones from my camera await processing first! 

Cheers for now! Till next time! ;D