ART// 1.8

Wll well well, hello guys! New art, so yay! :D

I've been back in my art mood so staying up late nights to draw is pretty normal currently. In other news, I am starting university soon! So that's pretty exciting. Uh-huh, uh-huh!
Hopefully I do well and improve even more as an artist. I've been so inspired after looking at works from Kali, Noelle, Demi, Sam Bosma and lots of other artists recently. It's been very enlightening to doodle away to the soundtrack of Imagine Dragons and Dido at night too. Therefore also contributing to the constant darkening circles under my eyes. ( . _ .) 

Dangan Ronpa (a pretty funky game with interesting characters) is also the current game I'm on, so in between doodles, and that, completing my Johannes Cabal books, other miscellaneous 漫画/manga and Murakami novels have been my past time.  Such good times, it is. Ehehe!