PHOTO// 3.8

My classmates and I had an Amazing Race/Tag Team race event day last Saturday. We had lots of really funky activities like playing Captain's Ball, but instead of a normal ball, we used fruits. :D It was a crazy mess. But yes, we did clean up after ourselves! Then we ended the day with some velcro-nametag ripping that was inspired from Running Man, a Korean variety show. Epic day, it was! 

Sadly, when I went home for the night, I discovered that my long working computer had decided to retire. ): Yes, it has worked it's worth. I think it's 6 or 7 years old. The amount of work and stuff I've done on this computer has been massive. Poor dude couldn't hang on anymore. But with that said, I can't work on digital stuff till it gets fixed. D: And I didn't manage to back up a lot of my stuff from it too. Fingers crossed that it can be repaired to full health!