2017 Year in Review


Oof it's been a busy couple of months!
Can't believe it's already a new year and January is ending soon too.

2017 Year in Review, let's go!


Started the year out of 2017 in wintery London where our HQ was moving offices. I'd been watching the progress through emails so it was surreal to see the entire project in real life. I also took the chance being in UK to visit Stonehenge and tick off one of the things on my bucket list. 

It was so foggy and mystical! (but also so very cold.) 

Spot the emojis I worked on in 2016! :D Made into little cushions and such!


Taking a couple of days off after the Chinese New Year break, I popped by Taiwan/Taipei with a good friend, G

I had never visited Taiwan before, but G had so I left it all up to him to lead the way and had next to zero expectations of what it was gonna be like. We popped by a lot of cool little food streets, night markets and happily ate a TON. hah! New love found for beef cubes from the night market!

Came back looking like a dumpling. It was really nice to explore the city and though it wasn't a long trip, I fell in love with all the food and getting the chance to explore somewhere new.
Good times. 



I rolled off on another adventure to Seoul with Jackie, the Salt Shaker to my Pepper Shaker at work! It's been pretty stressful when things don't work out with deadlines and various other little stresses, having you around, you've been nothing but lovely and understanding.

So thankful to have met you through work! (': My lil' peachy gem! Mad love for ya!




Normal days went on, some busy days and some less busy ones.


Went to Holland with my family and boy, those tulips & windmills were something that will remain in my memories for a long time. Such a lovely place.


More days came and even more days went by. Haha there's a lot less introspection than previous year-in-reviews because when it's all been good (or busy) days, I seem to create less and the days fly by so quickly. 

August & September!

These two months did end becoming a very creative and rather moody month (filled with wandering thoughts) after coming face to face with things I'd been avoiding. Things that I kept denying and hiding away. (starting to see a pattern here. HAHA) I drowned in a little nostalgia, revisiting a lot of memories and things I didn't care to think about before.

It was pretty draining, with all these wild emotions needing some form of escape.

A silver lining through those months was that somehow my path had crossed with another really sweet and wise person, Nat. It was an unexpected friendship and we ended up talking a lot, bonding over a ton of silly little jokes. Grateful to have you around in 2017, girl! <: 


But through all the confusion, I'd gained clarity. Courage to talk about things I was going through, my struggles.

Just being able to find such courage that I never knew I had. It's...refreshing. 

Taking a deep breath, I let all that was there, go. :-)


Yeahh, I didn't let it go so easily. HAHAHA.

Wallowed a little, made my bed in sadness for a while.



A change in scenery. I had the opportunity to attend Design Matters, a design conference in Copenhagen and that was such an eye-opening couple of days. I learnt much and was inspired so much more. Watching these big names, people who have so much experience and skill talk about their failures and how they overcame it was very heartwarming.

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 2.55.57 PM.png






I continued my little journey to London and met with my creative counterpart from the New York office, Erin! We stayed together for a few days in the company flat together and had morning coffee talks and walks. It was really nice to finally put a face to the email name I'd always seen.

You are also one of the people I'm really grateful to have met this year, Erin! (: Although we hardly ever cross time zones, I love how we guard the creative gates on opposite sides of the world and can share so much with each other.


Dropped into Sydney for a week to help refresh the office there. Spent a couple of days building IKEA shelves. Haha with all the building and carrying, my wrists were aching for weeks after. But it was really nice to see the space up and also to meet with the loveliest people there again. Took the chance since I was in Aussie, to pop by nearby Melbourne again for a few days and visit the qtpie, Nat. 



Finally ending the year with my usual journey to Japan with Kuri, Stacy & G. We're old friends but with every adventure, I feel like I learn a little more about everyone. 

May 2018 be as exciting and adventurous as ever!