2018 Year in Review


2018 has been a whirlwind of many ups and ups.

It’s been a good year of learning, growing and filled with a ton of humbling experiences. I had many opportunities to work and helm some big projects, travel to wonderful places and most of all, to still enjoy all that I do without losing any sleep to deadlines or self-induced stress.

Doing this Year in Review thing for the fifth year in a row now! Let’s go!

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The first part of the year whizzed by so so so fast. I didn’t even realise it was 2018 till March came around. (oops!) I spent a large part of January, February and the start of March planning and working with our little 3-person team (shoutout to Adam & Dan) to move our Singapore team to a new home. Our team had expanded exponentially over 2017 and we needed to house all the best energies in a single space.

I remember sitting down and talking about it with Dan in a little dinner place back in September ‘17. He’d told me to draw a little doodle on a napkin of what I envisioned for the space and to keep it till the end of the project.

You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish. When the project is done and dusted, look back at this moment and you’ll see the impact you have. #small&mighty

Seeing the project take form over the months and become an actual space was a very proud moment for me. It involved a lot of on-the-ground site visits and coordinating deliveries and designing bits and bobs for the space. I still love seeing the wow-ed faces of clients and first-timers to the space and their exclamations when walking around.


Spent a little getaway break in Hokkaido & Tokyo in May.


We visited a whole bunch of places like Shakotan in Hokkaido which was a beautiful break from the city bustle. Had some totoro cream puffs from the Shirohige cafe over in Shimo-kitzawa and made ink at Inkstand Tokyo.

Screenshot 2018-12-13 at 11.42.48 AM.png

Fast forwarding a little to July.

Popped over to Finland with Jackie and it was a wonderful little city. We took a 14 hour flight into Helsinki where it was nice and sunny. Spring was in full force out and it was lovely to walk everywhere.

One thing I’d loved was our day trip to Nuuskio National Park where we went kayaking for an entire day. I love how trips like this make you realise how small you really are in this big big world. The quiet rustling of leaves and of the water lapping against the edge is one of my favourite things in the world.

Post Helsinki, we headed to London for Unrulyfest, our biennial company festival held in London where all the teams fly in for team summits and of course, a little partying. I had the honor of working on all the designs from start to end. Created a series of little monsters that then became the mascots for the entire event. They appeared on little teaser gifs, lanyards, totebags, photobooth backdrops and more. Pretty rad seeing them out in the wild with people still carrying the totes and using the lanyards months on from the party. :-)

After the crazy week of partying and summit-ing, I spent an extra week working out of the London office with the rest of the Creative team. Everyone is such a friendly cookie and I always enjoy spending time there. Managed to see a ton too, spending the weekend with Erin (shoutout to this qtpie) on a day tour out of London and doing other cool things like laser tag, an obstacle race and even an ice cream museum exhibition.

Time went on pretty speedily after July. This year really feels too fast to be really over.

I managed to sneak in one more quick getaway in November to Hong Kong with Crystal and though it was a short trip, we had a good time eating our fill. Had some amazing yakitori at Yardbird and icecream at Sugarfina. Surprisingly had more japanese food than Hong Kong food though. :p

2018 was also the year I’d spent more time focusing on my health and found a new love for working out at the gym. I’ve always struggled with sports and not growing up as an active kid, it wasn’t an activity that I would seek out willingly.

But meeting good workout buddies and having a laugh while everyone was sweat-crying over the different exercises, I started to love what I did. Seeing the progress over time and growing in strength offered me the same determination to overcome obstacles in daily life as well.

Gym Ghost-01.png

Ended the year with an amazing journey to Germany & Austria. It was snowy and lovely. :’)

It’s been a kind year filled with learning and growing and hopefully the new year will continue to bring good tidings. (: Once again, thank you for sticking around.


Onwards to 2019!